How do I book with Greenfrog Movers?

You can either use the online quote form or give us a call and we will talk you through things and take your booking.

How much do you charge for your services?

In order to provide you with a competitive price we quote each job individually. Our rates start at:

  • £65 an hour for man and van (loading and unloading)
  • £85 for two men and a van (loading and unloading).

Please note, the above prices are subject to VAT.

We take into consideration the difficulty of the move e.g. flights of stairs where lifts are not available and access issues. We also provide packaging and moving crates if they are needed and these will be separately itemised in any quote. 

How do I make payment?

Payments are to be made via bank transfers or cheque. On quoted moves payment needs to be made prior to our arrival and the work being completed.

Do I have to book in advance?

No but we can only take a booking if we have availability. Speak to us early on and we can get you booked in and reassure you that we have your move organised. 

What happens if my moving dates change?

No problem, just let us know and we can rebook your move. If a cancellation is necessary let us know as soon as possible as charges may apply at the following rates (unless rebooked):

  • More than 10 working days – no charge
  • Between 8-10 working days inclusive before the services were due to start no more than 30% of the price of the services.
  • 7 working days or less before the services start no more than 60% of the price of the services.
  • On the day the services are due to start 100% of the price of the services.

How do I prepare for my move?

Once you’ve booked your removal there are various steps you need to take in order to prepare for your move and avoid any delays on the day.

Where can Greenfrog Movers move me to?

We offer a national service throughout the U.K. Extra charges will be applicable for any ferry crossing, toll charges and any London congestion charges. We will consider removals within the EU, please call us to discuss

What size are you vans?

We use Maxi Mover Low Loaders. These are the largest possible panel vans with a long wheel base and a high roof meaning we maximise the load space whilst ensuring that we can access narrow streets and loading areas. Our vehicles are low emission vans which are very economical and allows us to keep our prices competitive. 

What can you move?

  • We can move almost anything from single items to small and medium sized house or office moves.
  • We can move students’ belongings to and from university
  • We will collect and deliver eBay items, auction collections, Christmas trees etc

If it needs moving, we’d love to hear from you.

What can’t you move?

We can’t move refuse or anything considered to be vegetation. We will not deliver hazardous substances/items or exceptionally heavy items that would breach our maximum laden weight limit. Specialist machinery and items that need to be moved by professional specialists.

Who pays for any breakages?

We take all steps to protect your belongings and minimise the risk of breakages. Greenfrog Movers are fully insured and where necessary will make reparation or recompense through our insurance policy, subject to our terms and conditions. See our terms and conditions for full details on breakages and damage. 

Are there any hidden costs?

Our quotes are fully inclusive and include VAT. We will not add any further charges for the agreed work. Any extra work on the day will be immediately quoted so you will know what you will be paying for. 

Should I tip my movers?

There is absolutely no obligation to tip our movers. If you are particularly impressed with their work then feel free to tip them directly. 

How do I ensure that my belongings end up in the right room?

We will work with you on the day to ensure that your belongings are transported and placed in the right room. We can provide labels and for more complicated moves will itemise and use an itinerary to manage your move. 

Will you move my plants?

All plants that are in pots or those that have been bagged to prevent soil from spreading will be moved. 

Will you move my pets?

Unfortunately we cannot move pets or any living creatures. 

How can I guarantee that my prized posessions are treated with care?

Whilst we take great care to minimise breakages please let us know which items are high value, fragile or have significant importance and we will take extra care of them. 

Will having a family member or friend help on the day lower my costs?

Depending on what service you have requested. If it’s a man and van with or without loading and unloading then assistance is required and this in turn will reduce your costs. If you require two men and a van then your assistance is not required and our advice is to leave to them. 

Will adverse weather affect my move?

Only if very severe weather conditions are endured or we are moving items that cannot be exposed to certain elements. We keep an eye out on weather forecasts and will be in touch with you if we foresee an issue. Rain and light snow will not be a problem. 

Do I have to empty my wardrobes and cupboard spaces?

To reduce costs we suggest that you empty your storage spaces and box your belongings before we attend. We can can supply you with plastic removal crates which are great for moving house. They make your move a lot easier and will speed the move up and reduce your costs.

Can you dismantle furniture?

We can but this needs to be highlighted during the quoting process or it may be added to the original quote if we are not already aware. We only disassemble furniture that is fastened with and put together with a spanner, screwdriver and allen key. We will not disassemble items that have been glued or fastened or forged together.